a collective
with shared values
creating good spaces

It all started with the idea for the perfect day.

Nice weather. Kids healthy and playing. Good coffee. Friends you like. And you haven’t checked your phone in an hour. For us, it doesn’t get much better.

So, we banded together with some friends to bring all the ingredients for that kind of day under one roof. From that idea, Park Collective was born.

An indoor park where the kids can play and weather’s always right. A preschool gives peace-of-mind that kids are off to a good start. Plus Coffee adds the perfect cup to the mix. And, spaces for gatherings and conversations to make friends and find inspiration for a brighter future.

With all that, you might even forget to check your phone.

Each member of Park Collective is different. Unique. Some of us craft coffee. Some of us create fun. Some share ideas and offer inspiration. But, what connects each of us is our passion to make space for the simple joys that make life good for all of us in Prescott Valley.

Welcome to Park Collective…
A good space for a good life.

Park Collective

Join us at Prescott Valley's largest indoor playscape, featuring great coffee and top of the line playground equipment. Explore a mix of play, coffee, events and community in open-spaced, climate controlled environment pulsing with belonging and energy. Visit with friends and family for coffee, while you and your kids make memories in a good space in PV.

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